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Following weeks of research after the initial thought was planted in my head, I finally mustered up the courage one evening (admittedly after a few gin & tonics and a massive “DO IT!” from Siobhan – a pretty good recipe for audacity) and purchased tickets to Cartagena, Colombia.

Yesterday, I get an email update from thepointsguy.com on Destination of the Week: Cartagena.  I get all tingly and think, YES this is a sign.

Plan: Skip Bogota, spend two days in Cartagena, travel to Santa Marta for the 5-day hike to La Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), and another few days back in Cartagena celebrating with a ton of good food and drink.

I love the internet.  I’ve been reading a ton of reviews, blog posts written by well-travelled folks who have been to the above places.

I chose Cartagena as it has lovely beaches (will definitely be avoiding Bocagrande), is rich in history & culture (UNESCO world heritage site), and has really really fresh seafood (think ceviche).  These are things I like, love, adore and will never get enough of in my lifetime.  I also get the sense that Colombia is a country not many people tend to think of visiting, and therefore not too commercialized.

One thing that struck me, were the reviews on the La Ciudad Perdida experience, especially from those who have done Machu Picchu.  Both are several day hikes to a “Lost City”.  They differ in the sense that the LCP hike and journey is the highlight, whereas the final destination, MP, is the highlight.  Those who have done both find both equally challenging and satisfying, but for different reasons.

Over a 5 year span, I travelled a bit throughout Europe – 17 countries – and had the time of my life doing it.  Now that I’m back in the US, my aim is to explore Central & South America.  Colombia is the beginning, and I can’t wait to spend my late twenties exploring a new continent.

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