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You’re typing Russian to me

Salesrep: are you able to set up a way for automatically taking something down (from a submission) through flagging? OK AWESOME, thanks u, and !

(yes the above was all in one sentence)

Salesrep: what do i call our security, that CCS things when u log in, what is that SHIzel

Me: are you able to set up a way for automatically taking something down (from a submission) through flagging? – I don’t think so, you mean if a user flags something? No. But just advise them to use full moderation, i.e. entries/comments will not be viewable until the admin approves it

Me: SSL? haha

Salesrep: ok ok, got it! yea what is that SSL stuff?? soo confused

Me: it’s a security protocol which encrypts information over the internet

Salesrep: you are typing russian to me, idk what htat mes, means, but i know waht to say!

Me: why don’t you call me? on skype or call +44 207 123 4567, i’ll speak in chinese

Salesrep: HAHAHA, loll u little JOKESTER! im listening to John Doe’s call right now, or i totally would

Stay in the cubicle

IM thread between a support colleague of mine and  sales rep

Salesrep: ABC Company

Salesrep: The acct that you set up for me

Salesrep: the tab they were working on disappeared

Support: You broke it already….

Salesrep: i know it had been saved as well

Salesrep: HAHA

Salesrep: maybe…. :$

Support: See, this is why we don’t let sales out of the cubicle except for related meetings…. (facepalm)

Co-worker: hi Ruth. Would you know who have access to edit people profiles? Asking as I need John Doe’s official picture for a blog post

Me: hey err, u mean her picture from admin?

Co-worker: I do 🙂 the official one

Me: but why don’t you just save it from there? right click, Save As

Co-worker: sometimes it´s a wonder how I manage to get dressed in the morning

Me: hahahaha

Co-worker: sorry. and thank you.

Me: 😉

Need images?


Evernote, imo, is one of the best paid apps out in the market.

Two months ago, I was looking for an app to organise notes and to do lists. My work Inbox is barely manageable these days, a lot of communication takes place verbally or via IM at work, so I had information all over the place, and would spend 15 minutes trying to find that darn piece of information I needed.

I tried Producteev, Google Tasks, Quick Note, Stickies, but none of them combined note taking, folders, and to do lists. Then, I came across Evernote, and the rest is history..

Check it out…


The other day an engineer was helping us troubleshoot some stuff, and had to provide us with pages and pages of data. He provided us with a web link to I was hooked.

Gone are the days of sending notes/content via email, adding to the clutter in inbox, pasting it in a word document, saving it, attaching to email…

Or even worse, pasting a whole bunch of code into IM.

So simple, yet functional. Paste, copy link, send. Done. Try it. He has even gone the extra mile with quirky phrases all over the site.