Carpe that F* Diem

Inspiration: the Free Solo documentary and recent Barry’s Bootcamp session

I watched Free Solo over the weekend, a beautifully made documentary about Alex Honnold’s journey towards free solo-ing El Capitan. It was a reminder of a few things…

  • Perspective….. unless I’m hanging on a vertical rock with merely 2 thumbs and feet on a vertical slab 2,000 feet up, stranded in an ocean with no one in sight (has actually happened to me)… quit bitching…
  • Knowing oneself
  • Not giving a shit

Free Solo unleashed a bunch of thoughts I’ve had for awhile that I wanted to put down in writing. And the reason why it inspired me is that Honnold didn’t give a shit. Honnold is the only person who has rock climbed El Capitan without any ropes. His amygdala is extraordinarily interesting and doesn’t get triggered to a place of fear like the general population (including myself) does. Secondly he LIVES. He lives life to its fullest. He does what he’s passionate about. Doesn’t give a shit. He’s selfish about what he knows fulfills him and has tremendous tenacity to grow and develop that passion into something great. And yet he’s in an unusual way, compassionate and loving when he knows he’s found something rare.

My thoughts are really about the world I wish I lived in… or the world I hope we get to some day. A world where it’s about the individual, what makes them tick, inspires them. That our horizons are continuously expanded, challenged by either experiences or the people around us. That we truly appreciate a person, a thing, an experience no matter how different we are from them or how outside our comfort zone we feel. That we’re able to put aside societal pressures and not conform to the thing that is expected of us, especially if it’s so wildly different from what/who we are.

  • A world where a person’s sexuality is not a question. Questions or thoughts like “I wonder if he/she/they are [fill in the blanks]?” Think about it.. it’s like wondering if someone is straight.
  • A world where talking about our innermost vulnerabilities, fears is not taboo. I’m talking about mental health, etc.
  • A world where being married, in a relationship or having kids is not imposed nor expected of others to be their life long goals.

But rather the question becomes, what is of importance to you? And what is it like? And maybe you/I don’t know. And that is OK.

At the end of the day, we are who we are. Whether it’s our past, our experiences that shape us. Whether it’s what our individual ideals and values are. Whether it’s what we don’t know and are trying to discover.

Stop giving a shit about societal pressures. Stop wondering why people aren’t the way you are.

Carpe that fucking diem.

It is only you who knows what that diem looks like.

Carpe that diem.

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