Facebook and connections

Facebook can be pretty annoying, especially when loads of people post nonsense like “ugh worst day of my life”. Period. I don’t mind the rant, but my dear friend, why don’t you say specifically what happened that made it the worst day of your life? Same goes with garbage like “best dinner ever (pic)”. Where in the devil was this meal? I’d actually like to go there when I’m in the area next time! Add value to your posts, share specifics with the masses. After all, this is one of the biggest benefits of social media. Crowd sourcing.

Facebook has its share of benefits and it’s ahhh moments. I wanted to record one of these ahhh moments as it made my heart all warm and fuzzy.

I love human connections. Especially physical moments where you’re getting to know someone, it’s just you and that person conversing, and something specific you both share sparks this mutual understanding of “I’ve let you in to a special place and you get it.” This is one of the main reasons I love traveling. Being in a foreign country, out of your comfort zone, listening to someone’s (a local) story from a background completely different to mine is priceless.

These days, in a work environment, you typically converse with colleagues from all over the world on a daily basis, some of whom you never get to meet. In my head, I’m thinking of all the missed opportunities for the scenario above! A certain colleague of mine, I shall call him Zack, works from Bangalore, and I talk to him pretty much every day. Four months into working with Zack, I finally had a chance to meet him in Mexico, during a company yearly trip. Because there were 800 colleagues, and the 3 days are hectic, you typically spend your time working for the most part, trying to talk to as many people as possible and catch up with old colleagues you worked with in a previous location. We spoke a few times, but not enough. I did get many opportunities to observe him while doing something else, and he was life. Always smiling, in a great mood and had such positive energy that was infectious. We parted ways and continued working/talking to each other everyday.

A few months later, after observing pictures of his beautiful baby daughter on FB, we were on a conference call and had a few minutes where it was just the two of us. I referred casually to the pictures. He went into this 2 minute monologue about her, and said in the most genuine voice which tugged on my heart strings that “she is my life and soul”. I wanted to die. I’ll never forget the way he said it.

Following that, there was a new type of understanding between us, on the phone, and on FB, I.e. his increasing “likes” on almost all of my pictures, and I made an effort to stay up to date with his. Now, simply seeing a Iike on one of my updates brings a smile to my face and seems to mean so much more. Of course he might not feel the same way, but my point here is that he brings joy to my life in small doses.

There are these situations where FB helps facilitate these human connections via the interweb. It could provide context prior, or in this case, after meeting someone.

It can be enriching.

And I’m thankful for this.

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