Oh New York, and of course…reflections.

I love life.  I returned to Bedford today after spending yet another week in NYC with my close friends.  I couldn’t stop dancing, inside, outside, everywhere….  And then a few hours later, I crashed on the sofa.

“You haven’t lived til you’ve loved”

I finally had the opportunity to watch Once on Broadway.  In addition to the intense nights out on the weekdays, I had a “cultural” weekend: spent Saturday afternoon at the Lincoln Center watching contemporary dance, Sunday, lazing on the High Line with Glen Hansard in my ears before catching the flight back to Manch.

I love this city.  I’m not sure I could live here.  Actually I think I could, and I’m sure that after a few months, I would fall head over heels in love with it.

I’m fortunate that my best of friends all live in NYC currently.  Funny thing is that we all used to live in London.  They live in the best locations in New York.  And they take me to the best areas.  Whenever I visit, I just slip into their daily lives.

I love the energy, attitudes represented by the various personalities here.  No one gives a sh*t here.  I love that.

Back to Once.  I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages.  Siobhan and I did Once on Friday.

Let me just pause and say that, going to an event (which represents another culture) with a friend from that culture makes the experience completely different and more fulfilling.

I distinctly recall watching Arcade Fire with a Canadian who followed them before they were known.  It was just delightful to watch him reminisce and swell with pride.

That kind of energy is so infectious.

Siobh was just a pleasure to watch Once with.  The broadway version was pretty authentic, and it was obvious from her expressions, and the countless number of times her hand flew to her heart.  Oh Siobhan. 🙂

Once is a beautiful piece of art.  I have yet to see the movie.  But a few years ago, I came across the song Falling Slowly as it was played to a beautiful dance piece.  Researched it, and etc etc.

I love books/movies/lyrics/stories that are simplistic yet emotionally raw, and have a powerful meaning behind them.  I also despise them because I spend countless hours contemplating and pondering.

Once falls into that category.

I think that apart from the basic human needs, there are three things that are important to anyone’s happiness: love, career and friendships.  You could have one of the three, but without the other two, it may seem as if things aren’t complete.  And I don’t know if its possible to have all three.  Is it?  And maybe not everyone agrees with me..

Love, career, friendships.  See…the thing is, mine all intertwine.

Love.  Yes I’ve been blessed to have experienced love, crazy love, unconditional love in the past.  It has in some ways completely ruined me, and I mean that in a good way.  But there are other kinds of love.  Love..agape love, for the day, the present, our families, our jobs, our friends.

Career.  Our jobs take up a massive part of our lives.  It’s ridiculously important that we aim to find the job we love.  That it doesn’t feel like a “job”, but you get paid doing the things you genuinely enjoy, and that you are constantly challenged and learn something new every day. I love my “job”.  I know I’ve been really fortunate, and not everyone comes across a job they love in the first company they’re with.  I’m thankful for that, and do not take this for granted.

Friendships.  Throughout my “journey” (quote, unquote, because really I’m 28, not 60 and have a ton more to learn), I’ve found myself drawn towards individuals who have the same underlying values as I do.  They have completely different personalities.  But we find ourselves drawn to the other because we believe in the same things, like passion, ambition, well travelled, just to name a few.  The majority of the handful of these friends work where I work, and oh Lord, can you imagine that?  A job, you love, with your closest friends?  It’s a blast.

Again I love life.

Don’t get me wrong.  It isn’t this rosy every single day.  And let’s face it, life isn’t simple.  I’ve experienced really low lows, where I’ve felt like I’m in the gutter, and there was no way anyone would find me and rescue me.  But on the days that suck, I have a great support system.

And really, all that matters, is that we seize each day as it comes, and aim to live each day to its fullest, while remembering to try and not take things too seriously.

My favorite phrase this year has been “Carpe that f-ing diem”.

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