Time to get.a.way

A few weeks ago, my body started twitching. I grabbed my Mac and started googling for last minute cheap getaways. For all the “cheap last minute cheap” Google results, they really aren’t “cheap”.

Anyway, the thing is, I need an escape. I don’t mean to another city in the US. I need to go visit a new country. I told my colleagues this, and they immediately assumed it was because I was in rural Bedford. No, this would still be the case even I were living in NYC.

I try to visit at least two new countries and several new cities in a year. Cancun, Mexico doesn’t really count. It’s the most (ridiculously) touristy destination, and it was work sponsored.  I did have loads of fun, not denying that.

I started with Jetblue. They have good flights to Colombia. My brother lived there for a few months. Ah ha. I email him, he writes back saying he’s got a good friend in Cartagena who tells him to tell me “Mi casa es tu casa”. Swoon. I freaking love that phrase. I first came to hear of it from none other than Mia. She says it all the time whenever I crash at hers. I need a “Mi casa es tu casa” wall decal.

Next concern, I will likely have to travel alone. My timeline doesn’t sync up with friends. I don’t mind travelling alone, but I thought I’d check with Reuben. After emailing with him and googling “Travelling alone in Bogota, Cartagena”, it seems like having the attitude of “be cautious, and don’t be an idiot” is all it takes. Sounds like living in Kuala Lumpur.

I’ve been reading up a ton on Colombia. The problem now is, the more I read up on it, the more I want to extend my trip from 10 days to 3 weeks. Heck, at one point I thought, I really want to MOVE THERE.

Key objectives: visit Bogota for 3 days, Cartagena for 7 days, and hopefully fit in Ciudad Perdida somewhere. Not sure if CP will be feasible, but after reading up on CP, I really want to do it. Might have to sacrifice one for the other.

Hopefully it’ll all come together. Still at least a month away. But since I’m blogging about it, the pressure is ON.

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