Central Line

ImageI found this case thing that looks like a book at a local store in Bedford.  All the stations listed here represent all tube stops in Zone 1 on the Central Line in London.

As soon as I saw it, I stopped in my tracks and and all these memories of taking the central line came flooding back.
I wanted to turn around to the family behind me and tell them why I was so excited, but…
I lived in Queensway (not cool that it says “Queens Way” on it) for over a year.  This tube stop was really really under underground.  You had to take the lifts or walk up/down 123 steps on this narrow spiral stairway before getting to the platform.  There were no elevators.  I rarely had the patience to wait for the lifts amongst the throes of tourists and would run down the stairs, hoping I wouldn’t trip and tumble down.
Central line was also probably the most reliable line.  Trains came every 1-2 mins.  It was also one of the most stifling lines in the summer.  No air conditioning.  You got used to the smell that results from humidity, poor ventilation and a LOT of bodies crammed into a carriage.  Ooh sweet memories.
I loved “commuting”.  Always had my headphones in and people watched.  During peak office travel hours, there were a lot of finely dressed people on their way to Bank/Liverpool street stations.  During non business hours, there’d be a ton of tourists from all over the world speaking their own languages animatedly.
I took it to work for about a year (when our offices were by St Paul’s) and almost every weekend to get to west end or the east part of London.  In some ways it really represents/symbolises this “step” to most escapades I had in London.
I miss London, not in the sense that I want to go back and live forever, but in the sense that it was my home for 3 years and I have many fond memories.

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