My soundtrack

My SoundtrackI’ve been trying to write a blog post on music for years.  If you had access to my WordPress account, you’d see 10 drafts.  But I have yet been able to articulate and summarize my thoughts without going into too much detail.  So here’s a small part of that attempt to articulate..

As you go through various stages in life, and assuming you listen to music, you find that inevitably a soundtrack starts forming which represents a part of your life.  How often does an old song play where it brings you right back to a certain moment in life? You then start having flashbacks of the incredible (or painful) moments?

That’s what I love about music.  I love that it has the ability to engulf us in its melodies, rhymes and beats.  I love that it has multiple layers that can be dissected, explored and interpreted in various ways.  I LOVE that it can be used to turn a situation around, like when you need a good start at work, or when we need to dance, be carefree and insanely silly.

I love that music is universal, that we all have our own preferences, and that it’s possible to find a type of genre that appeals to us in various situations.

Having been in New Hampshire for four months and counting, the soundtrack of my time here is forming….

4 thoughts on “My soundtrack

  1. Maybe detail is needed, I have never been afraid to read too much detail in my opinion. 🙂

  2. Ruth Liew says:

    Hey thanks for your comments! 🙂 I was just reading your blog, it’s such a great read. All the best with your journey!

    Yea, I agree to a certain extent. I didn’t want to go into so much personal detail which involved hashing out the past, but rather, focus on the present and future.

  3. dB says:

    Well said!

    Music is pretty powerful… on top of this personal effect that music has, I think there’s a collective angle too. For example:
    1) I’ve always been facinated about how DJs in a club (good DJs, anyways) can read and control the mood of the people on the dancefloor. Adjusting the mood with subtle increases/decreases in the tempo, without straying too far and breaking the rythme. Or if things get too static, kill the bass, build anticipation, then come back in hard and loud to kickstart the excitement.
    2) I have a minor obsession with locker room and pre-game music for team sports. Too often, people just through the top 10 most popular songs onto a CD and move on. But there’s much more that goes into getting a group of people with different musical preferences focused and hyped up for the task at hand.

    Then again, you’re talking about 1 person and her music. Maybe I jumped the gun on one of the 9 remaining drafts you have tucked away 🙂


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