Finding inspiration

Getting back into a fitness routine is tough. The trick (at least for me) is finding a motivation before stepping out that door.

And when you’re running that mile, to let your mind wander to beautiful places, anything from..

..the past:  childhood memories, that night you laughed so much, the day you fell in love

..the present: kids playing catch, the playful dog trying to chase the squirrel

..the future: your dreams, that holiday in 2 months, the potential of where your life is heading

Yesterday, my motivation was the women’s French open final & Michael Lazerow’s very personal and touching video he made about fear and taking risks right after he sold Buddy Media to Salesforce. It was a rare sunny day in London. So while running around Hyde Park, I let the sun and scenes around the park take over. If only every day were this easy..

What is encouraging is that there are thousands of inspiration moments and places your mind can wander to.

I hope Lazerow’s video below inspires you as much as it inspired me.

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