Late twenties?

Turned 27 today. Unbelievable. Late twenties? Oh dear.

Simply put, it was honestly a heart warming day (although it made me realise how nomadic life is). I was working for the most part, but the messages that poured through Facebook, our corporate IM, email, text was touching. Thank you all.

Mom, dad, our video chats always mean a lot. I’m sorry for not being in touch more often as a daughter really should.

Mia, Sara, Siobhan, Steffi, Karynn, Kaysee, Neesha, Thi, we “grew up” at various stages together but are now all over the world, and whenever we meet, nothing changes. Thank you for the love through various channels.

Childhood, high school, college friends, thank you.

Colleagues, the amount of IMs that came in today was really touching, especially those of you who thought “Hmm, let’s not bug her about work today, but we’ll leave it at Happy Birthday.”

Siobhan, Victoria, Kirstine, Courtney & Helena, thanks for the lovely dinner.

And Nico, Nico, Nico, the video below is self explanatory. Not only was there a recording, but a voicemail, and live singing. Ahh.

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