Sundays and Family

Love Sundays. This is my version of a “family Sunday” with mom and dad who are 7,000 miles away.

Skype rings away…

Mom: I-Liiiii (my Chinese name), are you watching the Australian Open?!?

“Mmm morning mom *lazy stretch*”

Dad (shouting in the background): “Nadal is leading! Last set already!”

Mom: Just woke up ah?

“yess…how are you?”

Dad (in the background): Ruth, how do I update my iPhone apps? (I made the mistake of using my iTunes account to download apps onto Dad’s iPhone)

Dad, it’s about time you used the account I set up for you.

Mom: “I-Li, what are the three things that will make me very happy?”

Haha yes mom, I know, I know.

Dad: “are you taking your vitamins and exercising regularly?”

Mom: Oh Aus open postponed due to rain!! Oh I-Li I’m so excited about our trip to Guilin, doing so much research..want to come?

I would love to, but it’s a bit hard to plan…

Mom: aiya ok la, we plan next family trip in June…

Love my parents, and the Sunday joys they bring every week. 🙂

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