Life for the past few months has been all about work. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it’s a combination of it being a personal choice, being passionate about what I do and working with people who inspire me and are great fun to work with.

Things have really picked up at work. Yes working long hours is one thing, but of late, it’s been meetings, conference calls one after another, new projects, with not a spare moment to take a deep breath and think anything through thoroughly. 

Amongst all this, I noticed that up till a few weeks ago, I had been approaching work in a way too personal way. I mean that when things don’t go perfectly, it really affects me and I take it all to heart even though these are business related things. There were two weeks of consistent sleepless nights because my head kept turning, and neither did I try to stop it. I’d crash on the weekends. One day recently, I was in the office up till 10pm dealing with a few things. I called a dear friend (who might as well be my life coach) right after and broke down. The gist was that I was simply overwhelmed with emotion. One of my main roles includes supporting clients and sales folks in the company. So I tend to hear all the great stuff but also hear the other end of the stick. At that point it feel like the weight of a thousand rocks on my shoulders.

I explained this to her, and yes she sympathised with me, but more importantly, she gave me a reality check. Why was I taking everything to heart? At the end of the day, this is work. Such a simple statement, yet, it really hit me. I thought, “Yes she’s right, I’m being utterly ridiculous about this”. I won’t stop caring, and will always be solution orientated, but I needed to change certain things about the way I approached it.

It’s all about perspective isn’t it, and sometimes we need to hear this from others to bring us back down to earth. I’ve made some changes since, and it’s been all for the better.

A few weekends ago I was sitting down with a friend reflecting on life. We narrowed down to a specific topic. She was telling me about how four years ago. she had all these worries in life which affected her mentally and physically. Soon after, she received some personal news, one that was earth-shattering. Reflecting back on it now, she sees how her earlier worries were insignificant to the news she received soon after and in the bigger picture of things, she might have seen and dealt with her earlier worries differently. 

I’ve always had this tiny fear in the back of my mind, that someday, something earth shattering will happen to me, one so significant that nothing else will matter. I will go completely numb and physical and emotional pain will have no impact on me. Once the numbness subsides, I would look back on life, and question certain choices.

At the end of the day, these earth shattering moments are unpredictable, and there’s no point harping on the whats ifs and what might happen. It’s all about living in the present, making the best of it, and living life with no regrets.

One thought on “Perspective

  1. fern says:

    Hear hear! I've recently had a change in perspective. (Perhaps my blog will now revive!)I now choose to be happy, uplifted and awesome! Well, to see things as awesome. =) It seems so trite now that I say it, but sometimes it takes a while for lessons to stick and even longer for those lessons to be applied.

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