For safekeeping

I wrote this excerpt 3 years ago on Facebook that I want to safe keep on this blog. By the way FB’s time line? Yes I love the various designs, but I’m not really feeling it. I like clean simple interfaces, not a clutter of boxes all over my profile.

Slight deviation, but back to this excerpt:

Friends vs. acquaintances
Passion vs. mediocrity
Chemistry vs. commonality
Tenacity vs. irresolution
Consistency vs. irregularity

Always the former, and never the latter

No, there was no plagiarising involved here. I can’t remember what spurred the above, but I must have been very inspired that day.

So yes, this is a reminder of how I want to live each day at a time.

On the note of consistency…

September marks the last month of working directly with my former boss, Nico. We will still be working together, though on a less frequent basis. He has been a great mentor over the past year, and I’ve learnt a lot from him. The one thing I’ve observed and admire him tremendously for is his consistency with how he perceives himself, and how he communicates the values he stands for to the entire team. All this while providing me with the freedom and independence to develop in my own way. Sounds elementary, but I think it’s easier said than done. I’ve observed quite a few folks in upper management who say one thing, but then it becomes questionable when you see quite the opposite unravel in their day to day interactions. Although we’ve both moved on to new roles within the company, I know I can always call him out of the blue if I need some advise. This is so important in any company you work with, that you have someone you can trust, be honest with, and know that they’ll have your back. Mutual trust and respect. Thank you.

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