Sicily, reflections on the year, next year

A bunch of us rented a villa in Cefalu, Sicily, and celebrated Courtney’s birthday this past weekend. 

The trip was a perfect balance of all sorts. Heat, strong sun and winds on Saturday and Sunday. Torrential downpour on Monday, like the kind of monsoon rain we get in Malaysia, where everything gets knocked over by the winds, perfect for a day in to finish one of Jo Nesbo’s novels, while we watched the storm play out like a movie through the glass windows. Strong sun on Tuesday, as if someone up there knew it was mine and Kirstine’s last day and wanted to bless us with some last bits of sunshine before heading back to London. Good food, wine, and company.

The beaches were beautiful. Clear, turquoise blue, warm.  

Two years living in London now, and I get it. I get why the British need to escape to a place with lots of sunshine. I never did see it, having been blessed with 28 degree weather in Malaysia for 20 years. But 2 years in London, and yea…

I jumped straight back into work on Thursday morning, and for the first two hours, I hated the world. I got over it…

Today has been a day of reflection. After running 5 miles, I laid horizontally on my favorite park to catch my breath and reflected on the year. This year has been amazing, and Sicily marks the last of my travels in 2011 before I focus on work for the next three months and head back to Malaysia for a month. 

This year was very much about me. Not exactly in a selfish way, but I focused on certain things. Last year, a tumultuous relationship and some career changes threw me off tracks. I’m not religious, but I believe in spirituality. Especially when it comes to bad energy, negativity, and the toll it can take on a person’s well being, in many forms. I decided that 2011 was going to be different. And it has been. I remembered all the things I loved, held dear to me, revisited them, and held on to them, ingrained into my everyday life. A bit vague, but then, this IS a public blog.

2012 – I’ve started thinking about what this year will be about. All I can think about is how I will be 27… Good lord..time to start acting like an adult..hah. No..I’ve a few things I’d like to do..

I’d like to leave you with a blog I came across today I discovered Jodi’s blog through a recent post by Chris Guillebeau. People like Jodi and Chris Guillebeau inspire me so much. Chris’ blog is title The Art of Non Conformity. Kinda sums up how I want my life to be, and the kind of people I want to be surrounded by. 

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