Dad, London, travels

Dad has been in London for a few days now. Whenever he drops by I like quizzing him about his university days in London and when he met mom.

Life could have been very different for me. Mom and Dad lived in London for 6 years, studied, married and worked here. They became permanent residents, and were pretty much set on living here. At the end of the six years they decide to visit Malaysia for a bit. This short visit turned into relocating back to Malaysia for good.
As a Malaysian having been through numerous costly and time consuming visa processes in the US and UK, I sometimes dream about how much easier life would’ve been had I been born in the UK.
On Saturday, as dad and I were strolling along the canal by Regents Park, I go “Oh dad why couldn’t I have been born here!”
“Why is that?” dad asks.
“Well I would have one less worry in life.”
Dad laughs at me and goes “If that were the case, you would only have had a comfortable life. At least you grew up in Malaysia and experienced a different culture, moved to the States and you’re now in London! If you had grown up in the UK, you’d probably have gone to university here and lived here your whole life.”

And he’s probably right. I don’t think I’d have studied in the US, worked there, found my way to London, and have met and experienced the numerous variations of life and personalities along the way.

My cousin, Fernie, wrote a post about how change is good, how it contributes to one’s appreciation. Fern was born in the US, and moved about quite a bit: Malaysia, Texas, San Diego, and recently, Hangzhou. Her writing is simply beautiful and those of us who have moved about can certainly relate to. Read it here.

Let me try to tie all the strings together. This blog, although unintentional, is mainly focused on travels that come about due to work and personal interest. I’m a firm believer in traveling as much as possible. Travels tend to throw you out of your comfort zone, and into circumstances that challenge you. She teaches you how to deal with them, and turns you into a stronger, yet versatile person over time. She is invaluable, priceless and teaches you how to persevere in the years ahead of us.

2 thoughts on “Dad, London, travels

  1. Fern says:

    Don't forget San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and now Shanghai! Thanks Ruthie =)I must admit though, that I have reached a stage of needing stability,and a stage where my travel bug is in deep hibernation. Daily life is doing more than enough to throw me out of my comfort zone and challenge me! I'm not sure that life is meant to even out though, but I guess I'll find out…

  2. Ruth says:

    A lot of S's there! How could I forget!Yes, at some point stability is much needed..Take it as it comes, and when that point comes, you'll know. 🙂

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