Entrepreneurship and friends

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The last 5 days were spent in Stockholm. Stockholm holds a special place in my heart having spent quite a few weeks there on numerous occasions. Though, the thing is, never in the summer (at this point every Swede I tell this to gasps)!.
Summer here is weird. I use the word weird just because I’m not used to it. The sun sets at 10pm and rises at 2am. It’s great, yet it plays tricks on me. Light is an indication that I should be awake.
So yes I work with this company, where colleagues have become friends, not just acquaintances. I started there when we were just 200 employees. Now it’s 800. Ever been in a fast paced entrepreneurial setting? Man it’s nuts. The amount of roller coaster rides you take is enough to keep you occupied and exhilarated 24/7. Your highs are really high, and the lows are really low. It is here that I’ve found a close knit of friends. We are no longer in the same office anymore, one is in San Diego, the other in Philly, another in New York, and in Stockholm. Yet, we talk weekly if not daily.  Others have come and gone and it is through the years that you are always drawn back to those you respect and those who have the same core values you have. 
So Stockholm has always been a reminder of this. A lot has happened here which I’ll never forget. 
This time around I went to hang out with Sara and Aref. The three of us worked together about 9 months ago. Sara, I’ve known for 4 years now. Aref and I have known each other since last year. We bonded because we like the same things, and can talk endlessly about them. Now that we’re all in different cities, I jumped at the opportunity of this little reunion. And a reunion it was, just like old times.
During the weekday, we worked out of the office where Aref is now, a new start up launched last year by our CEO. I loved it, as it was a nice reminder of the times when our company was at that start up stage back in the US when I was first hired. Plus in those kind of settings, everyone is a multi tasker, and just good in everything! The weekend was spent with Sara’s family where it always feels like home, exploring different areas in Stockholm and eating and drinking lots!

I just got into London this evening. Yes I did miss my bed terribly, but sometimes wish I could have my favorite people around me constantly. 

Thank you Aref, Sara, and the Davar family for playing host and for “being”. 🙂

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