Vegas, Friends and Sons

The company I work with was amazing enough to send 800 of us to Las Vegas for the annual kick-off event (April 15-18). I really don’t care about recreations of the Eiffel tower, nor care about a large concrete hotel made to feel like you’re in Italy. Nor do casinos excite me.

However, Las Vegas was an epic trip of all sorts for the following reasons:

1. People

I’m always excited to see the folks I previously worked with in US.

M, I absolutely adore, and I owe her so much for taking over Joey when I had to leave US. We keep in touch weekly, takes good care of me whenever I am in Philly, and she is the best! A, is the sweetest and one of the most genuine persons around. He is my go to person whenever I’m having a roller coaster day and has helped so much when I had to leave suddenly and was at a loss with what to do with the apartment and mail. Haha, really, thanks A! And there are so many others, the ones who had started when I did, who have now transitioned into new roles, my virtual EU team, the petal teams I worked with in London, the Rik&Maarten Dutch team I had recently gotten to know, my newly found tech team, and the ones I keep an eye out purely out of personal interest,…e.g. the Kuala Lumpur office!

The company event went on for 4 days. There wasn’t a moment where we did nothing. It was either, presentations, workshops, trying to catch up as much as possible, meeting new colleagues, and trying to get 4 hours (which is a very decent amount) of sleep each night.

2. Mumford & Sons, and Jeremy Piven (major credit goes to Sara Davar for this)

The night before we were due to fly out to Vegas, I hear from SD that she had the pleasure of sitting next to Ted from M&S on her flight from NYC to Vegas. She was frantic on the phone. I went nuts. She tells me that he is the loveliest most humble person on earth,  and that they chatted for hours. We knew beforehand that they were going to perform at our hotel, but didn’t secure tickets. Truthfully speaking, I at least knew about the hype surrounding the band, and did try listening to their music, but the context was never there, so I wasn’t really into them. She then tells me that he’s put her +2 on the guest list and that we have to go.

Come Friday, I arrived in Vegas, mingled, listened, and at around 10pm, SD grabs me and we venture off to the gig with Brandon.

The guys from M&S are musical geniuses. They are better live than on a studio recording. They soaked up the energy from the crowd, and returned the favor. I became a fan.

After the gig, we went looking for them. After explaining the situation over and over, we finally get to their private area, and Ted comes out to greet us. He invited us in to have some drinks with the band. True enough, SD’s comments about Ted were spot on. He didn’t even act like a celebrity. He was funny, down to earth and hospitable! I became a bigger fan.

Now, another amazing moment occurs when SD goes “Ruth, did you not see him?”. I’m like “Who? Where? What?”. She goes “The guy from Entourage!”. She knows how much I love Entourage and I had been talking her ear off about the show earlier this year. I turn around expecting to see Adrian Grenier, but even better, it’s Jeremy Piven! HooOooly. I go absolutely nuts in my insides, and really had to master everything I had not to show it. It just wasn’t the place to act like a screaming fan. Unfortunately he was quite involved with the other band members. Truthfully I didn’t trust myself to be calm enough to talk to him sensibly.

Vegas certainly felt like a dream. We didn’t have a spare minute to stop for a moment, and think about the days that transpired, that when we returned, a lot of us thought, did Las Vegas just happen?

3 thoughts on “Vegas, Friends and Sons

  1. Sara says:

    Hoohoho such a fun post i-Li and I am glad you enjoyed it so much, but you have forgotten to mention that we did speak to Jeremy, he asked who Meltwater was and what we did… remember? We just pretented we didnt know he was even though you looked like you were about to faint! hahahaBut it sure was a great trip and I am know you enjoyed it extra much as you got the pleasure of sharing room with me 🙂 hahaLove /S

  2. Ruth says:

    ahaha omg you are so right. I was definitely in shock because that memory of him coming over only just surfaced!Yes the room sharing was incredible! I loved being woken up by you and SIobh at 5am to both your rants! no no not sarcastic at all.

  3. Niklas says:

    Malaysian Tiger ! Nice post… Looking forward to the next one : )

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