Dazzling Lights…

I’m off to Las Vegas tomorrow. It’s almost midnight, and the excitement has just started to build up. No..I’m not excited about seeing Vegas.. I spent a few days there 4 years ago. It was fun, but I’m not too much a fan of casinos, and concrete surroundings (think Dubai). I do try out gambling when I happen to be in a casino, but then get bored after 5 minutes.

I’m excited because I get to see my American colleagues who have become friends after all these years!! We keep in touch weekly, but it’s not the same as seeing their faces. The first few hours will be spent trying to find the familiar faces in a sea of 800 employees, plus the tourists around us. Ahhhhhhh…I promised a friend I’d be his gambling buddy, yea I hate gambling, but it’ll be sooo fun!

I was thinking today, every time I step into the US, I go through some kind of experience for the first few minutes. For me, having lived there for 5 years, US represents so many things I admire. Tenacity, ambition, audaciousness. I may be presumptuous here having only lived in UK for 2 years, but UK and Malaysia are similar in some ways – Class, constraint, a held back attitude for fear of disrupting the status quo.

Going back to these few minutes, I honestly feel a kind of heaviness lifted off my shoulders. I soak in my surroundings, take a deep breath, and feel like I’m off to conquer the world.


Next time you hear from me, I might have a tattoo somewhere and a ring on my finger, and trying to dig myself out of some kind of trouble.. 😉

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