Adrenaline and the year 2011

First week of January. What did I do? I made a resolution. Exercise? Diet? Nahh…I’ve got other priorities…

My resolution: To visit two new countries and 5 new cities.
In 2010, I traveled to four new cities. Naples, Gothenburg, Hong Kong and Zurich. Gothenburg and Hong Kong were surreal experiences and have made me realize how much I want to see & experience new places. I’ve also sort of realized that I’m addicted. Now, everyone gets an adrenaline rush from different things. I get mine in the days leading up to the flight. I start to fidget, I’m on a high, and I can’t stay still. Upon my return, I experience calm, tranquility, I smile a lot more, and my mind is in a good place. Sounds like an addiction? I think so.
Gothenburg and Hong Kong were amazing, simply because there was a local showing me the ropes and immersing me into the local cultures. In Gothenburg, it was my Scandinavian team. In Hong Kong, it was my brother who was living there at that time. Plus mom and dad joined us. Dad speaks Cantonese fluently, and he reads Chinese characters!! Now that was a huge bonus.
I will be blogging shortly on my time in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, and Trysil. Sometimes I tend to think, all these Caucasian countries, they’re all the same. Oh my goodness. Scandinavian culture has pleasantly surprised me and is really one of a kind.
So back to 2011. Oslo, Trysil, Berlin. Check, check, check. And Almaty in May. One more to plan. It feels good to be on schedule. 🙂
Growing up, around ages 12-16, I remember my parents traveling frequently for work and pleasure. I rarely got to go with them because of exams and school. I remember their stories about Europe and America. Whenever they returned, I Ooh-ed and Aah-ed, and then sulked for not being able to go. Now that I’m older it’s nice to be able to do it myself and have those stories at the back of my mind. Plus, I really do want to maintain this blog for the reason below:
A conversation between mom and I 3 weeks ago:
Me: Mom, I’m going skiing in a few days in Norway.
Mom: Wowww, Norway is incredibly beautiful! Norway was where Aunty Lan lost her passport, and a kind Norwegian tracked her down!
Me: Where did you go in Norway?
Mom: Umm…what’s that city called again? Aiyaya, uhhhhh, can you name me all the cities in Norway?
Me: Oslo, Bergen..
Mom: BERGEN! Soooo beautiful…
Me: Ooh, tell me more!
Mom: The lake, aiyaya, what’s the name again…
Haha! 🙂
In May, we’ve planned a family trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan. My brother is there at the moment, and so mom, dad and I jumped at the opportunity to visit a new and wildly random city. Who the heck goes to Kazakhstan? Ooh, adrenaline is kicking in…

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